Well-known projects

Ruby programming language is an open source language programming to keep the focus over productivity and simplicity. It works elegantly with a natural syntax which is easy to write and read. There are many projects which Ruby initiated and are popular all around the world. For the language programmers, they help a lot in working with the software. The work becomes easier and convenient for them with speedy functions.

I think getting into the software programs require you to have the eye which one fits the best for you. As there are various options, you have to choose one upon your required features. Some may be free of cost whereas, for others, you might have to make the payment. Check out the detail about some of the popular Ruby programming language projects.


Hackety Hack

I learned about Hackety hack when I was searching for the training of programming. The training gets done through the application GUI which is under the framework of Shoes. Ruby project supports another project of Shoes which is easy to understand and concise in API applications. As the lessons begin, they are easy but gradually get difficult upon understanding.

The basic programming for the students works through creating various apps of Shoes. If you have any ideas to contribute, you can surely do it through Hackety Hack. It helps in knowing the software which is complicated and developing the sense of modern software. The iterations by Hackety Hack based on the browser of Gecko which turned into the GUI toolkit by Shoes. You can use the toolkit to the potential to get effective results.



The origin of Sass is by Hampton Catlin who wanted the style of sheets syntactically. There is a transformed version of Sass available nowadays as it works through the extension of CSS. The extension makes Sass better to performance with customizing the colors and making it feasible for yourself. I tried Sass and found it to be easier in operating through variables. The manipulation of text can be done by Sass easily with the mixed features allowing you to perform various actions acquired from the documents. Ruby originated Sass with porting the C and C++ extensions. Along with that, there are other extensions associated with Sass being used nowadays.



As the project speaks by the name, I am not going to mention everything about it. It is a standard project for web development by Ruby. Many people know about it as it was released back a few years ago. It has the demo of 15 minutes to show the text mating copies for the people to experience. The popularity of this project was due to Ruby and how feasible it is to use in the business world.



Ruby originated Sinatra as the web framework to keep its mark over the web pages. The coding done on the small amount generates functions for the applications. With various programming languages, it minimizes the routing and code styles into attractive versions. However, according to me, I think the framework is small to work with, yet other languages need to be added.



For the OS X, homebrew is known as its manager package. I feel that it is true somehow as there are different problems associated with the package manager. Getting the access for homebrew by Ruby allows you to work within various packages. The formula works on the project actively maintaining the patches alongside. It also accepts the leads through project picking, and finding steams which are relatively close to availability in getting the release.



Discourse is new compared to other projects yet has functions which perform high. The functions include forum discussions, mailing list, chatrooms and more. The combination of rails and discourse works to be great. It is free of cost as of now, but I think, later on, it will be costly. Well-known companies prefer it as it does not cost and also tend to sponsor it for its popularity.



Sinatra emerged the play project with collaborating the songs and its style. The Ruby emerged project works through iTunes and serves the music to the office. The best think about it is that it also prepares the taxes for you. I think the most interesting part of the play is that it is available for every customer around the world. It lets you listen to same music despite location making you feel like you are at the same place. With the great impact on culture, it is one of the most awaited projects by Ruby.

There are many other projects by Ruby which are on hold and yet to arrive. The tractions of Ruby keeps on increasing over time. You can learn about various projects which may be gaining more popularity around the world.